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Dates of the programmes in 2024:

  • July 8 - July 21

  • August 4 - August 17

  • December 9 - December 19



This stream will enable you to dig deeper into all maths-related subjects. You will be taught by experienced tutors who are eager to share the latest scientific approaches across a range of disciplines.


Whether you intend to apply for maths, engineering, architecture, computer science or any of the physical natural sciences, this stream is for you. You will be taught mainly in seminars and tutorials and will also benefit from interdisciplinary keynote lectures.


Students applying for this stream should be studying mathematics at the highest level available to them in their curriculum in order to benefit fully from the classes.

Previous seminar topics include:

  • Cosmology

  • Cybersecurity

  • Electrification of cars

  • Quantum mechanics

  • Fluid mechanics

Keynote lectures have included "AI and Sustainability" and "Public Architecture".

There will also be introductions to any relevant admissions tests.

Students in this stream will be encouraged to think about the potential harms of new technology as well as innovative technological solutions to problems such as sustainability and reducing environmental damage.


Most students contemplating medicine are also interested in chemistry, biology, psychology and cognition.


This stream will offer a well-constructed interdisciplinary menu of seminars and tutorials covering all these bases.


Whether you have decided on your major, or are still trying to decide between a pure science and an applied subject such as medicine or dentistry, this stream will give you the information you need to make an informed choice.


You will be taught by experienced tutors and by qualified doctors and dentists.

Previous seminar topics include:

  • Routes into medicine

  • Medical technology

  • Pharmacology

  • Epidemiology

  • Nucleophilic substitution

  • Dentistry

  • Evolution

  • Clinical psychology

Particularly relevant keynote lectures have included women in science and the evolution of the human mind. There will also be introductions to relevant admissions tests including UCAT and Oxford TSA.

Students will be encouraged to understand the interrelationship between the medical professions and society and to explore ethical issues in the development of new drugs and genetic engineering techniques.


This tightly focused yet interdisciplinary stream centres on subjects of interest to those applying for economics - and politics-related degrees.


As well as offering classes in applied topics in business, entrepreneurship and finance, it will also cover all disciplines relevant to applicants for PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). In addition, topics of broad public interest such as international relations, global food security and climate change will be introduced.


You will be taught by experienced tutors and lecturers whose research interests range from metaphysics through development economics to international relations. 


Previous seminar topics include:

  • NGOs - heroes or villains?

  • Feminist theory

  • Logic

  • Tribes of entrepreneurs

  • Innovation in social policy 

Particularly relevant keynote lectures include the "Future of War" and "Sustainability".


Introductions to relevant admissions tests including Oxford TSA will also be offered.

This stream will encourage students to develop a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. It provides opportunities for students to discuss and create innovative and sustainable solutions to complex social, economic and environmental problems.


This exciting interdisciplinary stream will appeal to anyone studying in the broad range of subjects that comprise the arts and humanities.


You might be aiming to study a vocational subject like law or disciplines like English literature and history that give you the analysis and communication skills that will enable you to access a variety of careers after graduation.


You will be taught by experienced academics and lecturers as well as those employed in law firms and writing careers.


At our most recent OSS programme, we hosted novelist and Oxford graduate Susie Boyt as a guest speaker to lead a creative writing class and read from her work.

Previous seminar topics include:

  • Criminal law

  • The Industrial Revolution

  • American lyric poetry

  • Intellectual property rights and music

  • Islamic art and architecture

Recent keynote lectures that humanities students found interesting covered topics such as AI, access to justice, and the intersection of science and religion.

Students in this stream will gain an awareness of the positive benefits to society of education in the arts and humanities and how expertise in subjects such as ethics, religion and history are not luxuries but are an integral part of human understanding and development.


Cost £5350 + registration fee (non-refundable): £500

The programme cost includes accommodation for the duration of the programme, three meals per day, educational activities, and all extracurricular activities.


However, the programme does not cover transportation to and from the UK, transfers within the UK, or pocket money.

Learn more about application process here



Oxbridge Summer Scholars is proud to be one of the only summer schools in the United Kingdom that provides need-based financial aid to both domestic and international students.

For families with demonstrated financial need, we strive to assist students from anywhere in the world to fulfil their ambition to participate in the Oxbridge Summer Scholars Programmes, up to a maximum of 30% fee reduction.

How to apply for financial aid:

To apply for financial aid, please email your parent/guardian’s most recent tax return, employment status (payslip or letter from employer), and a one-page Statement of Need (SoN) explaining your financial need and challenging circumstances to by our application deadlines.

Students applying for need-based financial aid MUST apply for financial aid at the same time as they apply for a place in the programme, as there are no later opportunities after admissions decisions are released to request financial aid.

When will you be informed if you have been qualified for the financial aid?

Students who have applied for financial aid will find out if they have qualified for any financial aid when admissions decisions are released.

Oxbridge Summer Scholars offers financial aid up to 30% fee remission for all students with demonstrated financial needs. Families experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Any documents you submit will be kept confidential.

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