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Full Immersion at Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge are world-class institutions steeped in tradition. Students will participate in activities usually exclusive to Oxbridge undergraduates and will be exposed to dynamic teaching methods developed and perfected at these two institutions. We also provide specific introductions to Oxbridge’s academic curricula and facilities.

Readiness for Future University Education

Led by an elite team of academic staff who graduated from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, we incorporate university readiness into all our activities. While encouraging students to delve into their academic passions at Oxbridge, we help participants set individualised and achievable goals to prepare for top UK universities.

Global Community of Ambitious Students

We believe in the importance of community at Oxbridge Summer Scholars. Students will not only form a global network of like-minded program participants but will also meet current Oxbridge students and alumni. Through talks presented by our guest speakers from Oxbridge, we aim to inspire students and help them build a community of changemakers and scholars.

Academic Excellence

At Oxbridge Summer Scholars, we push students with academic ambition to achieve even higher. We provide a mixed teaching method of fieldwork, seminars, lectures, lab work, and even mock Oxbridge admissions interviews to give students a taste of what it is like to study at a rigorous academic institution. Our esteemed faculty, experts in their field, lead interactive sessions that promote student-driven learning.


Our faculty is committed to bringing a unique Oxbridge experience to each cohort.

From extracurricular activities such as drama and cultural trips to our immersive teaching style, students will gain an insider’s view of student life at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Traditional Oxbridge Curricula

Our tutors bring uniquely Oxbridge teaching methods directly to every student through a mix of seminars, lectures, discussions, debates, research projects and even mock interviews.

Interdisciplinary approach

OSS offers separate streams to allow students to specialise, but we believe in the value of an interdisciplinary approach and therefore provide a mix of specialist and interdisciplinary classes.

Meet Oxbridge Scholars 

The program invites Oxbridge scholars and current students to deliver presentations and speeches to every cohort and stream. By enabling students to meet successful scholars, we aim to inspire our participants.

Humanities Research Trips

HAS and BEGI students can access resources at the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge, the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and famous art galleries and research centres to help them form individualised research questions.

City Exploration

Students are allocated ample free time to explore Oxford and Cambridge at lunch and during supervised activities. From restaurants to cultural sites and iconic architecture, get to know Oxbridge from an insider’s point of view!

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Guided College Tours

Immersive guided tours take students inside Oxbridge colleges. Our guides analyse criteria for each college to help students decide, and provide an e-book with information on each college’s facilities, traditions and culture.


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